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Letters Home from Vietnam, 1971

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Long Thanh North
November 12, 1971
10:30 pm

Dear Folks,

I just remembered that I didn't write a letter this morning. So here it is.

It has been cloudy all day and kind of chilly. Maybe that's why I forgot to write. I couldn't go out and sit in the sun and write because there wasn't any sun.

I worked by  myself last night. Kadramas didn't work because he had to go to Long Binh to check on why his extension was disapproved. He only has to extend about another month or two and he'll get an early out from the army. He's already spent over a year here and it's a bad deal that he can't extend for a couple more weeks. The early out was the reason he extended in the first place. He found out it was disapproved because the CO gave him a 'good' conduct rating instead of an 'excellent' one. So unless he can re-submit it and get it approved he has 23 days in Vietnam left.

I had a good time by myself, though I didn't do much work. I just drove around in the truck all night. I still don't have a license, but that makes it more fun.

Struck the mail jackpot today. I got 6 letters and two postcards. I probably won't get mail for three days!

I read that article you sent about the draftees getting drops. I think that pertains to people serving in the states. 5 month drops are nothing new in Vietnam. As far as I know it wouldn't effect me. At least I hope not.

I sold my refrig. to Instines today for $40. It's not moving out of the room so I'll still use it.

Well, at the most I've got 72 days to spend in this sorry place.


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