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Rick, Jr.

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Rick (Rich), Sr.
June 25, 1925 - January 2, 2002
We miss ya', Dad.

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Rick (Ricky), III

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Fishin' Log
I stopped keeping my logs on the website but started adding them occasionally on my Facebook Page.

Here are my older fishing logs:
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In the good 'ol days it was just dad and me. We have the same name but everyone called dad 'Rich' and they called me Ricky. That worked well although I preferred Rick to Ricky. Dad seemed to be Rich all along and that was ok with him. Now things got a little complicated about 18 years ago when another Rick came along. My son is 'Rick' also although we tried calling him 'Ricky' but he didn't like that any more than I do. So the point of all this is that Rick could be just about anyone, but when it comes to fishin' Rick means me and the other two Ricks. Confused?

Rick is a genuine fish'n nut. One of the many benefits of being part of a Ricksom is that our collection of Fishing in Maryland Awards are all in the name -- Richard Holt. "Hmm! I wonder which Rick caught that 5 lb. 2 oz pickerel?"  My dad and I actually have a few of those award citations for which we haven't a clue who actually caught the fish! Must have been me. 8-) My son, Rick, started his collection of Award Citations this summer with a big White Perch he caught. Had it made out to Rick Holt III, sneaky little guy!

My favorite fishing is for Chain Pickerel in the tidewater of the upper Chesapeake. Click here for some pickerel fishing tips.

Fishing Log 1967

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At some point in my childhood my dad and I began fishing together. I don't recall exactly how long ago it was when we got serious about our fishing, but by 1966 when I was 16 years old I began keeping a fishing log. What follows here is my second year of record keeping -- the 1967 fishing log. My record keeping began to slip at the end of this year and all I have for the last month or so is a summary.

Date Where Fish Caught Bait Notes
1/2/67 Seneca Creek Pickerel(1) Minnows Cold, fair, not too windy, bad tide
1/3/67 Seneca Creek Nothing Minnows Improper bobbers, fair, calm, ice breaking up, Dad alone
1/8/67 Seneca Creek Yellow perch(1) Minnows Fog and rain, wind came up, floating ice, low tide, cold
1/16/67 Seneca Creek Chain Pickerel(10 including a 4lb. 2oz.Award) Minnows, Mepps Early fog, early start,calm, cloudy, not too cold, row or drift along slowly w/ baits shallow under bobbers.
1/17/98 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Minnows Windy, sunny, cold
1/20/67 Broad Creek Crappie(11, Dad only 2) Shad Darts Ice fishing,sunny, mild, no wind,15 ft. of water, pump dart slowly.
1/21/67 Broad Creek Crappie(2, one tiny & one medium) Shad Darts Ice Fishing,partly cloudy , cold, large crowd.
1/26/67 Eastern Shore Ponds Catfish and crappie Minnows Fair, calm, some small pickerel below spillway
1/27/67 Seneca Creek Dad got nothing, Others got 4 pickerel and perch Minnows Rainy, windy, poles broke
1/29/67 Seneca Creek nothing Minnows Very windy(10-20), cold
1/30/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Minnows Lee, George and Dad, stayed only about 20 minutes
1/31/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Minnows Fished off point, Seneca frozen over
2/2/67 Seneca Pickerel(2), Perch(2) for dad, His friend got some pickerel( one was 3 3/4 lb) and perch Minnows Not to windy, not too cold, tried drifting
2/12/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Johnson Spoon Cold, very windy, only 5 casts, Seneca frozen up
2/13/67 Broad Creek Few crappies(Dad got none) Shad Darts Cold, thin ice, cracking, saw some nice crappie caught
2/14/67 Potomac near Pepco 1 bluegill for Wally, Dad nothing Minnows Too much current, fair, broken shear pin, used Jon Boat
2/19/67 Seneca Creek nothing Minnows, Mepps, Johnson Spoon 1/4 " ice on water, got out 11 am,Finaly got to cove by 1:30, cold, wind picked up, tried drift
2/20/67 Seneca Creek 19" Pickerel and 10" perch for Dad, 14" pickerel and 9" perch for Wally Minnows Windy, cold, cloudy water,cloudy sky, high tide in evening, ice along shore, rain in evening
2/26/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Johnson Spoon Windy, cold, very low tide
3/4/67 Seneca Creek Chain Pickerel(4, up to 19"), Yellow Perch(3, up to 11 1/2") Minnows Early snow and rain, afternoon cloudy, cold, calm, perch in morning, pickerel drifiting slowly
3/5/67 Seneca Creek Pickerel(1 of 17") Minnows, Mepps Intermittent drizzle, breezy, cold
3/8/67 Seneca Creek yellow perch(2, one large and one small) Minnows Not too windy, not too cold, used spreaders, muddy water
3/9/67 Seneca Creek Pickerel(1 nice one),Yellow Perch(6) Minnows Sunny, little windy, used spreaders, most fish sitting still
3/10/67 Seneca Creek Yellow Perch(2, one large and one small) Minnows Cold, sunny, windy
3/12/67 Seneca Creek Yellow Perch(1), White Perch(1) Minnows Windy, not too cold, calm evening, 6am-5pm, tried all methods and places, Rick alone
3/13/67 Magothy River Dad caught 2- 12" Rock, Wally got 3 white perch and 2 rock(biggest 3 1/4lb) Minnows, Shad Darts Blackhole Creek, Misty, shad rigs
3/14/67 Corsica River Dad got 15 yellow perch, the group got 54  Yellow perch total Minnows Minnows under bobbers,sunny not too cold, 4 people
3/14/67 Bear Creek Bullheads(4 small ones), Sunfish(1) worms Evening fishing, right side of point
3/15/67 Bear Creek 1 small bullhead worms Evening fishing, drizzle, cold, no luck trapping minnows.
3/16/67 Smithville Pond Crappies(16), Dad and Walley fished Minnows Below spillway, sunny,very windy, cold, bobbers
3/16/67 Bear Creek Bullheads(2) worms Low tide, sunny, windy, cold, evening fishing
3/23/67 Magothy River Yellow Perch(8 up to13 3/4"), Chain Pickerel(15) Minnows on Shad Darts Cold, rain, not too windy, Mills Creek
3/24/67 Magothy River Pickerel(3) Minnows on Shad Darts Windy, cold, Mills Creek
3/26/67 Bear Creek Bluegill(7) worms Breezy, not too cold,trapped some minnows on low tide.
3/27/67 Corsica River Yellow Perch(25 for Dad and Rick), Total of 80 perch caught by the group Minnows Tidewater canals, not too cold, high tide best,fished with and without bobbers, but without was best.
3/28/67 Corsica River Yellow Perch(Rick got 30, Dad Got 20, others got 60, 110 total) Minnows Fresh water canals,fair, high tide most of day,w/o bobber is best, tired smithville 11 am, but got nothing.
3/29/67 Bear Creek Bluegill(1) Bloodworms Evening fishing, fished deep, flyrod w/spincast reel.
3/30/67 Bear Creek Bluegill(7), Bullhead(1) worms Evening fishing, fished deep w/ fly rod
3/31/67 Bear Creek Bluegills(2), one large minnow worms Evening fishing,little windy, not too cold,fly rod, deep drift in.
4/1/67 Bear Creek Bluegills(4), one large minnow bloodworms evening fishing, warm, little windy,high tide, fly rod deep
4/2/67 Millers Island Rock(one 14"), one small white perch, threw small rock back bloodworms 10am-3:45pm,windy, not too cold, got fish between Millers and Hart Islands
4/3/67 Dundee Creek Catfish(Dad got 3), 1 small bass and a few white perch got by Wally Bloodworms, Mepps Windy, rough water,fished in Saltpeter in vicinity of power plant
4/4/67 Bear Creek 1 sunny, 5 large minnows worms Little windy, hands cold, flyrod deep
4/6/67 Bear Creek 1 carp(10"), 1 sunny worms Calm, warm, high tide,surface film washed in with tide,fly rod deep
4/8/67 Millers Island Catfish(15),White Perch(2),yellow Perch(2), 2 small rock Bloodworms and bloodworms w/spinners Cool, windy,clear,few cats and whites out past light, most fish caught on inshore side of bayshore island
4/9/67 Dundee Creek Yellow Perch(18 small),Eels(3 large) minnows cloudy, windy, cold,very high tide,7am-1pm, crabs in
4/14/67 Bear Creek 2 sunny (rick) worms clear, warm, no too windy, dad and Rick
4/16/67 Bear Creek Catfish(5),White Perch(1),Sunfish(1) worms warm, partley cloudy, high tide, fly rod deep,wind picked up, spinning rod on bottom 8:30am-11am
4/21/67 Dundee Creek Catfish(2), Yellow Perch(8 kept, 20 caught),Eels(8),Crappie(Dad got a 12 1/2",1 1/4 lb) Minnows and Mepps Partly Cloudy, windy at times,calm evening,crappie close to duck blind, high tide, 6am -5:30pm
4/23/67 Bear Creek Catfish(3) worms windy, low incoming tide, fly rod w/ bobber
4/25/67 Bear Creek 2 sunny, 3 minnows, lost 1 cat and one eel worms low incoming tide,windy evening, spinning deep, fly rod w/bobber
4/26/67 Susquehanna River nothing Liz tailers windy, fast water,clear water, from Rock Run Pier
4/27/67 Susquehanna River nothing Darts Rain, under RR bridge
4/30/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Spinners Not too windy, warm,Rick alone,walked, saw carp caught.
5/1/67 Bear Creek White Perch(2), 1 sunny worms fly rod deep, sand bar
5/3/67 Susquehanna River 1 Hickory Shad Darts Fair, under RR bridge
5/3/67 Bear Creek 2 sunny(Rick), 1 sunny(George),2 sunyy(Paul) worms windy, sandbar, got some minnows
5/4/67 Dundee Creek Cats(15), Yellow Perch(5 kept, threw back 30),1 pike(2 1/2 lbs), bluegill(5 kept, threw back lots of small ones), eels(2) Minnows, worms not too windy,not too cold,sunny,tide not very high,by 1st duck blind, no weeds yet
5/5/67 Dundee Creek Catfish(10 up to 3lb, 18"), Yellow Perch(5 kept, threw back about 25) Minnows windy, 1pm-6pm,by first duck blind, no weeds yet
5/8/67 Susquehanna River nothing Darts Not too windy,not too cold, Deer Creek muddy
5/9/67 Susquehanna River 1 small rock Darts by RR bridge, fair, little windy
5/14/67 Dundee Creek Yellow Perch(3),Bullheads(5),2 sunfish Minnows, Name lure Rainy, not too windy, good tide,the yellows and the sunny's on the name lure
5/16/67 Bear Creek 20 White Perch up to 8.5",1 alewife Weber Name Lure Very windy at times, low tide
5/18/67 Bear Creek 1 cat, 1 eel, 2 sunny's worms Fair tide,spinning rod deep, bank next to oyster point
5/20/67 Millers Island Yellow Perch(1), 1 tiny rock Bloodworms Went to try motor, afternoon fishing, perch near light
5/21/67 Dundee Creek 12 good Yellow Perch, 13 Catfish, these were kept, threw back lost small ones Minnow, Weber Name Lure Low tide most of day, not too windy, bullhead on name lure
5/24/67 Bear Creek 3 White perch Name lure Windy cool, off sandbar, lost two lures, 20 minutes
5/27/67 Chesapeake Bay near Bayshore Light Yellow Perch(5),White Perch(2, small),Bullheads(5, small), Rock(2, tiny) Bloodworms Windy at times, evening fishing, by light on inside of island, very high tide.
5/28/67 Dundee Creek Yellow Perch(15 kept up to 13", threw loads back),Catfish(3).Eels(4),White Perch(2),Bluegill(2) Minnows, Mepps(R&W), Name lure, bloodworms Fair tide, little windy, warm, 13" yellow on name lure, no weeds yet.
5/30/67 Dundee Creek Bass(2, 4.5 lb & 3lb. 1 oz), White Perch(2), Pickerel(2) ,Crappie(3), Catfish(1), Yellow Perch(30 kept, threw back 100), Eels(1) Minnows, Jig-a-do Out from and to left of duck blind, low incoming tide, not too windy, sunny, early start, warm, no weeds yet, bass, pickerel and perch on jig-a-do
5/31/67 Bear Creek White Perch(2, one small and one tiny) name lure tried worms under bobber with no luck, sand bar
6/1/67 Dundee Creek Bass(12"),crappie(12"), Yellow Perch(16,.threw back about 50), Eels(1), White Perch(1), Pickerel(1) Minnows Sunny, warm, not too windy, no weeds yet , low tide, same place as 5/30, Dad alone
6/1/67 Bear Creek White Perch( one tiny one) name lure Low tide, trapped minnows, sand bar
6/2/67 Dundee Creek Bass(12"), Yellow Perch(14 kept, threw back about 50), crappie(11 3/4"), White Perch(1) Minnows, Name lure, Jig-a-do Dad alone, Bass on Jig-a-do
6/3/67 Bear Creek White Perch(30 small ones), Alewife(1) name lure Low tide, water riled up by boats, fish fast and close to top
6/5/67 Bear Creek White Perch(25) Uncle Joe's lure low tide, sandbar, near surface
6/6/67 Bear Creek White Perch(14) Uncle Joe's lure Hot, not too windy, low tide
6/7/67 Millers Island White Perch(5), Catfish(1), Eels(3) peelers High tide, got windy, left early
6/8/67 Loch Raven Crappies(60) Darts w/ crappie meat 11:30-6:30, under #2 bridge,sunny, warm, little windy
6/9/67 Bear Creek White Perch(3) Name Lure, Joe's lure Hot, sunny, windy, fairly high tide
6/11/67 Dundee Creek White Perch(3), yellow Perch(1), Sunnys(15), Bullhead(1) Jig-a-do, Name Lure, Uncle Joe's High tide, 10am-1pm, sunny, hot, no weeds yet, Dad lost a bass, Lee Ann, Rick and Dad went.
6/13/67 Loch Raven Crappies(30) Darts w/ crappie meat Not too windy, hot, by bridge#2, 7am-3:30pm
6/14/67 Wye River White Perch(26), Yellow Perch(1), Bluegills(5 large up to 8.5"), Rock(2 keepers and loads of small ones), toads Manoes and snouts on darts high tide, wet cold misty morning, cleared up and got hot, Rock by piling, no luck drifting, got whites and bluegills in cove casting darts with snout.
6/15/67 Bear Creek White Perch(19) name lure High tide, little breezy, hot, 4 nice size whites(8")
6/18/67 Bear Creek White Perch(7) name lure, shad dart Hot, cloudy, fairly low tide, 3 fish on dart. 20 minutes in morning
6/18/67 Bear Creek White Perch(8) name lure low tide, cloudy, got some minnows,storm started to come up, 20 minutes in evening
6/19/67 Wye Mills Lake Bass(10.5"), Yellow Perch(8") Minnows Cloudy, 1 hour in morning, Linchester had cloudy water
6/25/67 Chesapeake Bay near Bay Shore light White Perch(4) manoes Fair, little windy
7/2/67 Chesapeake Bay near Bay Shore light White Perch(25), Catfish(3 up to 1.5 lb), manoes Not too windy, off Hartman's pier, high waves, high tide, Fish by second d.b.
7/9/67 Seneca Creek Catfish(1), Yellow Perch(1), White Perch(2), Suny(1), Rock(2 small ones) Jig-a-do, R&Y streamer, McGinty's fly, bloodworms (no luck) 7-3, warm, mostly sunny, All fish close to shore on hight tide except sunny on weedy low tide, Rick alone
7/13/67 Magothy River Catfish(one about 5 lb.) caught by Stan Minnows Dad and Stan, minnows and bobbers, aluminum boat
7/14/67 Wye River Spot(9), White Perch(1), Loads of small rock and toads Manoes for spot and perch, shad dart and snout for rock, R&Y Jig-a-do Early start, incoming tide most of day, rock breaking all over but too small, spot down river, rained out at 3 pm
7/16/67 Forest Hill Pond Bluegill(1), also missed one McGinty fly fly rod, about 20 min, buggy
7/20/67 Millers Island White perch(15 small to medium kept), Spot(1) manoes hot, calm, by second duck blind, threw back lots of small ones, Lee Ann, George and Dad
7/26/67 Millers Island White Perch(11 kept), Spot(1) manoes not too windy, sunny 2nd duck blind,
7/30/67 Bynum Run Pond Bass(one tiny one) Brown march calm, weedy, hot, fly rod
8/4/67 Sinepuxent Bay 1 blowtoad minnows windy, outgoing tide, 1/2 hour, rt. 50 bridge
8/6/67 Millers Island White Perch(8 medium to large), Spot(2) manoes not too windy or hot, high tide best, 2nd duck blind,no luck at craig hill
8/13/67 Loch Raven Crappies(7) Darts w/ crappie meat under DulaneyVAlley bridge, trolling off schoolhouse cove point, lost big one and something that migh have been a trout
8/18/67 Wye River Spot(40), White Perch(5), lots of throwback rock bloodworms, clams spont crazy on bloodworms, went into easten bay and got a few spot, not too windy, sunny, Dad and a cop.
8/25/67 Loch Raven Crappies(25) Darts w/ crappie meat , rapala on surface under bridge, some off schoohouse cove pt., calm, foggy at first
8/27/67 Frank Bentz Memorial Pond nothing mepps early, very tired, fished only 15 minutes, cloudy
9/5/67 Loch Raven Crappies(42 keepers) Darts w/ crappie meat 12 ft. down under #2 bridge, not too windy, warm by afternoon, 6am - 2pm
9/11/67 Magothy River Pickerel(1), Yellow Perch(1) minnows Dad and stan, all over the place, not too windy
9/17/67 Arrowhead shaped pond on N. side of Conowingo lake Missed small bass strike on brown march all types lures Saw lots of small bass and sunny's, probably good fishing in season
9/24/67 Wye River and Linchester pond Small rock and toads on the wye, nothing at the pond Clams on the wye, minnows at the pond windy, high tide, saw yellows caught at the pond
10/1/67 Dundee Creek Yellow perch(15, only 2 keepers), White perch(5 small) Jig-a-does and minnows little windy, fished by weeds close to shore, party cloudy, bass hit bobber rig skittered
10/4/67 Wye River Lots of undersized rock and some toads clams, bucktails, jig-a-does, minnows Rock breaking from mouth of river to piling, calm, hot sunny
10/8/67 Gas and Electric Bulkhead nothing Weedwing, Jig-a-do Dad and Rick, 15 minutes, very high tide, sunny, cool
10/12/67  Dundee Creek Yellow Perch(15 but only 1 keeper), White Perch( 1 keeper) Minnows Low tide most of day, partly sunny, cold fish out by sticks near weeds
10/13 to mid November No records kept during this time. Made a few trips to the Magothy and got a few yellow perch. Nothing spectacular, though a few were of large size. Also made a couple of trips to Blackwater River. Fishing from bridges we got some yellow perch, but most were undersized. Most luck on high bridge but got a few crappies fishing from low bridge and also a pike.

Also hit the Eastern Shore Ponds a few times but only got a few scattered yellow perch and one or two small pike. Tried the upper Choptank bridges with no significant luck.

Mid - November to the 1st Week of December No records kept during this time either. Made about 6 trips to Seneca and got some perch and 1 or 2 small pike, but fishing is not up to par yet. Wally got 2 bass on two consecutive days in Seneca by the weedbed up in the creek by the boathouse off the point. Tired Eastern Shore ponds one or two times but nothing doing. Fishing still slow in the Magothy. Had first ice up in Magothy and Seneca during this time.

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