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Rick, Jr.

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Rick (Rich), Sr.
June 25, 1925 - January 2, 2002
We miss ya', Dad.

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Rick (Ricky), III

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I stopped keeping my logs on the website but started adding them occasionally on my Facebook Page.

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In the good 'ol days it was just dad and me. We have the same name but everyone called dad 'Rich' and they called me Ricky. That worked well although I preferred Rick to Ricky. Dad seemed to be Rich all along and that was ok with him. Now things got a little complicated about 18 years ago when another Rick came along. My son is 'Rick' also although we tried calling him 'Ricky' but he didn't like that any more than I do. So the point of all this is that Rick could be just about anyone, but when it comes to fishin' Rick means me and the other two Ricks. Confused?

Rick is a genuine fish'n nut. One of the many benefits of being part of a Ricksom is that our collection of Fishing in Maryland Awards are all in the name -- Richard Holt. "Hmm! I wonder which Rick caught that 5 lb. 2 oz pickerel?"  My dad and I actually have a few of those award citations for which we haven't a clue who actually caught the fish! Must have been me. 8-) My son, Rick, started his collection of Award Citations this summer with a big White Perch he caught. Had it made out to Rick Holt III, sneaky little guy!

My favorite fishing is for Chain Pickerel in the tidewater of the upper Chesapeake. Click here for some pickerel fishing tips.

Fishing Log 1970

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At some point in my childhood my dad and I began fishing together. I don't recall exactly how long ago it was when we got serious about our fishing, but by 1966 when I was 16 years old I began keeping a fishing log. What follows here is my fifth  year of record keeping -- the 1970 fishing log. I seemed to be 'back in the groove' this year with lengthy fishing reports and lots of action. My fishing this year was interrupted when I was drafted into the army on June 20, 1970, but I even managed to get in a couple of trips when I was on leave.  In any case here they are:

Feb. 1, 1970
Dundee Creek

Barry and Rick today. First time out for both of us. Launched boat on new trailer at Dundee Creek Marina. Shoreline iced in but path broken from shore. Headed out creek. Up in creek seemed to be iced in.

Fished shoreline on far side of mouth of Saltpeter. Guy wading there held up a fish. Couldn't see what it was. Then moved to duckblind at point between two creeks. Got nothing. From there move to G and E Power Plant inside wire. Tied to piling along wier. Cast mepps and minnows here as we did at the other places. Had what seemed to be a few hits. Hit one fish that fought very well on ultralight rod. It dove at the boat and got off.

From there (after it got too cold) we moved out of the mouth of the Dundee to the first cove on the Saltpeter side. About 5 boats already there along the far side of cove.  Some anchored, some drifting. Started by casting mepps and minnows. Barry caught first fish, a small bass on bobber and minnow. He then put on a shad dart.

Off and on we caught yellows with the bobber, minnow, shad dart rig. Casting and retrieving seemed to be the best method. Barry also caught a pike and another fair size bass (about 1 1/4 lb.)

Total catch: dozen yellows, 1 2 1/2 lb. pike and 2 bass. It was very cold all day especially as the sun began to go down. Left about 4:30. The small end of the cove was iced in. Should try drifting.



Feb. 8, 1970
Dundee Creek

Dad and Rick today. Good tide. Not cold on shore, but very cold when got out to cove. Good wind for drifting. Same cove as last week. Tried anchoring first, no luck, then drifting, no luck. Lots of ice on the water today and foggy. Got too cold. Left about 1:30 pm. No fish. Not even a bite.



Feb. 9, 1970
Wye River

Dad and Stan went today. Didn't even get a bite.

Feb. 22, 1970
Wye River

Rick and Dad. 10 am to 3 pm. Windy SW. Not very cold. Clear. Fished a couple of spots in this part of the river.Didn't even have a bite. Then came back and rode to the other end. Didn't fish here too muddy. Saw bulls on shore butting heads. Tried to get picture. Couldn't. Left. Little bit of trouble getting boat on trailer because of wind. Should have backed in deeper. Home, called Barry.

Feb. 22, 1970
Dundee Creek

After Wye River, Barry and I went here. Launched at about 5 pm. Went straight to cove past mouth of Saltpeter. Got one crappie on first drift along shore near point. Drifted around cove till 8 pm then came in. Dark by that time. Was not cold when we came out but got cold, but not unbearable by the time we left. Not as windy as earlier. Minnow and bobber with shad dart.

Total Catch: 1 crappie

Feb. 27, 1970
Severn River

Dad and Wally. Trailered boat. On water 8:30 am. Extremely high tide. Windy. Right chilly. Partly cloudy. Fished golf course point on shell bottom 150 ft. offshore. Drifting. Shad dart and also plain hook with minnow. No bobbers. Rock on Shad dart/minnow. 4:30 pm quit. S-SW wind probably caused high tide.

Total Catch: 9 nice yellows and one keeper rock (two yellows and the rock aren't in picture.



March 1, 1970
Dundee Creek

Rick and Dad. Start 7:30 am. Not cold on shore but rather chilly on water. Straight to cove past mouth of Saltpeter. Fished far shore anchored. Caught two fish. Got cold moved to (1), got nothing moved in to old favorite. (2). Got nothing moved back out to (3). Cold windy got one tiny perch. Bobber, minnow and shad dart.

Total Catch: 3 yellows



March 7, 1970
Severn River

Rick and Barry and Barry's father and friend. Left 6:30 am on water by 8 am or earlier. Rick and Barry in 567 and others in Barry's MFG. Went straight to Golf course point across from Nun '4'. Drifted. Caught nothing. Kept moving East along shore. Went around point and up in cove. Skim ice near mouth of cove.

Fished near wrecked boat. Deep water. Caught nothing. Moved back out. MFG was over near Nun '4'. Went to see. They had nothing. Moved to starting point. Began drifting again. After a while I finally caught first fish. Nice yellow. Off and on all day caught more yellows. Just as eclipse started caught a few. Got fairly dark during eclipse.

Barry's father left about 2 pm. We drifted around and even went upriver but didn't catch any fish after they left. Went all the way up in cove near point with all the green houses. Nice and pretty. Got back in. Was windy. Tide very high when got in.  No trouble with trailer. 2 citation fish today. Barry's 13 1/2", mine 12 3/4".

Total Catch: 10 nice yellow perch

March 8, 1970
Dundee Creek,
Deer Creek

Barry and Rick. Fished Dundee first. Went to point past mouth of Saltpeter. Very windy. Drifted. Caught one tiny yellow. Went all the way up into Saltpeter. Beached boat and made some hot chocolate on Coleman. Washed boat. Moved out and up in Dundee. Made one long drift. Caught nothing. Had been in shirt sleeves in Saltpeter but it was cold. Went in. Water lower than earlier. No trouble with trailer. Had cross wind.

Total Catch: One tiny yellow perch

From here went to Joppatowne. People were snagging mud shad from bulkhead. Barry caught one legal bass and missed a big one. Lost a lot of darts and line.

Total Catch: one small bass

From here went to Susquehanna State Park. Found rod. Had flat tire. Then down Rt. 1 to Deer Creek. Waded river. Barry made a few casts (He didn't have license.) Said he had a few hits. Snagged line. Found good Mepps on end. Saw girl in waders on Deer Creek.

Total Catch: One Mepps spinner and one spinning rod.

March 14, 1970
Chicawicomico River

Rick and Barry today. 5 am left home. Passed a colored guy on Percy May Rd on the way down. Tried launching boat next to bridge. Everything went ok until I tried to pull out. Right rear wheel started spinning. Tried putting boards and bricks under tire. No luck. Tire was smoking. Sparks flying from studs. Two fisherman pulled up. Asked them to help.After more spinning and putting more boards and cement bricks under tires managed to get going.

Went straight to dam and fished deep water near pier. Caught fish off and on all day. Windy but not uncomfortable. Tried flycasting when wind would die down. Caught fish close to shore on twitchie like this but most were very small. Quit about 3:30 pm.

Total Catch: about 25 crappies (average small)

From here went to Corsica and walked back in woods. Tried fishing fresh water near 213 bridge. Caught nothing. Walked back to other side of road and followed stream to the area across from Fertilizer plant. Hard going. From here drove over next to Fertilizer plant. Saw boat coming under bridge. Guys said they caught about a dozen fishing all day. 2 men.

March 15, 1970
Severn River

Late start on water 11 am. Rick alone. Straight to golf course point. Got 2 fish on first drift and missed one. Drifted around point and up in cove but got only 2 other bites and missed them. It started out calm and nice but got cold and windy. A light snow began falling. Drifted with shad dart and minnow deep. One fish 12 1/2" (roe), the other 9". Left 2:30 pm.

Total Catch: 2 yellow perch


March 21, 1970
Chester River near Millington

(Down 301 to 544, first right all the way to the end on far side of circle. $1 to launch. Remember to keep on right side of ramp where there is cement. Other side dirt.)

Stopped by Millington bridge on the way down. Fisherman lined the bank. Then to launch boat. Went upriver to right shore. Saw twin blondes in turquoise boat. Fished north shore. Caught fish off and on all day. 3 of us. Me, Barry and his neighbor. Rode all the way upriver to near Jones Building. People fishing along banks all over river. Approximately 50 boats crowded in this small portion of river. Not much room to move around.

Stopped on shore to have lunch. Then back on river and fished till about 4 pm. Left. Went down to Centerville. Not much doing here. Home over Bay bridge.

Total Catch: 15 keeper yellow perch

Lost a lot of line. Managed to retrieve most snagged darts. River full of snags. Barry missed a very big fish which circled around the boat and made a couple long runs. UL tackle. Lost it after about a 5 minute battle. Must have been a bass. Used darts and also darts and bobbers.



3/25 -  28/1970
Pocomoke River

That's my boat near my left elbow. Some native
fishing near our tent in background. We set up after
dark in rain and found this sign and the note to the right
on our windshield. Oops!


Pulled into Snow Hill Municipal Park at about 10:30 pm Thursday after a long wet drive. Deluges of rain all the way down. Still raining when we got there. Brakes on car soggy. Had to pull plug on boat half way down. Finally stopped raining about 11:45 pm. Found dry spot and set up tent. (See pics above.) Got up about 5 am Friday. Had breakfast and headed out on water. Breezy and cold. Fished all over river all the way up to Nassawango Creek and later up under Rt. 12 bridge. Had best luck on far shore of first cove to the right downriver near shore. Lots of snags. Retrieved snagged lures by reeling down to rod tip and pushing worked well.

3/26 - Total Catch: Approx. 2 dozen crappie, 3 yellows

Spent some time at Tastee Freeze on Friday night. Cold Friday night. Frost on everything Saturday morning. No wind Saturday morning. Didn't have breakfast. Headed straight to cove down to left. Caught a few crappie. Mike Robinson, the other addition to my party besides Barry Karwacki) missed a bass at this spot. Got tangled in branches of tree. Went up in cove and also me and Barry took a stroll(?) through swamp while Mike took a ride in boat. Barry set up birdhouse on stump out of bark and put a penny in it. Fished point where Alvin and I caught crappie on surface. I got one good one here. (See picture.) Came in about 2 pm after it began to get windy. Broke camp by about 4 pm and headed up Eastern Shore.

Stopped by Corsica. Not much doing there. Had flat tire near Church Hill. Fished Uriville for about 1/2 hour just before dark. Not even a bite. Came home over the top. Home about 10 pm Saturday night.

3/28 Total Catch: 4 crappie, 1 bluegill, 1 yellow

Notes on camping trip: Trailer light burned out. One propane valve not working. Some nice girls camping. Got checked by Marine Police on Saturday morning. Mike is a lure fanatic.

Barry holding fish I caught. Couple of fish in foreground hard to see. Mike in my boat in background.


Corsica and Eastern shore ponds

Dand and Stan to Corsica and ESP. Not much in ponds but got some perch in Corsica behind Fertilizer company bulkhead down towards ramp. Good tide.

Total catch: yellow perch

Loch Raven

Dad and Rick. Early start. Found it hard to back straight down ramp. Goetze's first. Fished shoreline just inside first point. Nothing. Weedy here and not too deep. From here to #2 bridge. Fished right side of piling on left. Sunny, windy and right chilly. Nothing doing at bridge. Lost some bait.

From here to schoolhouse. Trolled up in cove. Fished little dent in shoreline to keep out of wind. Nothing doing. Left about 1 pm. Underbrush between Fishing Center and Schoolhouse cove is cleared out. Fenton moved into our spot at bridge when we moved out. He was already in when we got back to Center. Very sloppy job backing down ramp.

Total catch: nothing


Drove down to Snow Hill Municipal park on Friday night. Slept in the back of the station wagon. Oatmeal for breakfast early and an early start on the water. Fished far point of first cove on left (1). Got a few crappies here. Nice to start but got windy. Moved across river to (2)

Got two small yellows and small crappies here. Moved down river and fished a couple of places and up in Nassawango Creek. Got nothing. Left about 1:30 pm after hot dogs and chili for lunch. Found it quite easy to back up trailer with wagon though it is hard to see the trailer without the boat on it.

Total catch: 1/2 doz. crappies, 2 yellows, 1 white

Conowingo Lake

Rick and Roby Perkins. Late start. Launched at Conowingo Creek. Fished west shoreline drifting along with wind. Got nothing. Water murky and lots of floating debri. Motored up to Broad Creek. Good speed. Fished close to shore in about 17' water. Lots of light taps. But all fish small. Roby got two cats fishing dart/minnow under bobber. Had a headache most of the afternoon. Slept a while in boat. Roby said I snored! Got too chilly to stay. Got boat on trailer just as it began to get dark.

Total catch: 10 tiny crappies, 2 9" cats.

Dundee Creek

Dad and Rick. Beautiful morning. Calm and comfortable but got windy. Sunny all day. Good tide. Fished in front of blind and all the way out to mouth along shore up from GPS and along shore near far point of first cove to left. Caught nothing. Minnows and bobbers. Moved back up to blind when it got windy. Caught three small yellows up close to blind. Guy came up and circled boat, said he got some small whites earlier way out near government pier. Quit 11:30 am.

Total catch: 3 tiny yellows

Conowingo Lake, Broad Creek

Rick and Barry. Launched at Conowingo Creek. Breezy and chilly and drizzling off and on all day. Headed straight for Broad Creek. 54* with new thermometer I bought. Fished all over creek. Caught small crappie just above bridge. Roby got one nice bluegill there later in the day on the way back out. Saw quite a few fish caught but all small. Headed in about 4:30 pm. Stopped at the dam. People lining shore. Roby said he saw a stringer of about 20 shad get washed away in current. Drove through park. Saw guy with fair amount of small yellow perch in Deer Creek.

Total catch: 1 cat, 1 good bluegill, 20 small, 3 fair crappies

Lapidum Landing

Dad alone. Fished shad dart and minnow and also bottom fished worms to catch one small yellow.

Total catch: 1 small yellow

Pocomoke River

Dad and Rick. Left Friday evening. Slept in wagon. Oatmeal for breakfast. Fished same point on far side of 1st cove to left. Caught a few crappies. Water temp 62*. Moved over to spot across river. Caught a few crappies and a yellow and a nice cat. Moved back across to point, fished a while there then went back for lunch. Caught a few craps and cats. Things slowed down so headed in. Gave fish to colored guys at ramp. (See pictures of fish in their trunk) Drove to Shad Landing to check out campsite. Nice. Headed for home. High tide most of morning, then started out about 10:30-11.

Total Catch: 4 cats, 10 craps and 2 yellows


Conowingo Lake
Broad Creek

Rick and Dad. Launched late conowingo creek.  Were going to fish up past creek but found water too low. Note: mud bottom and littered with logs. Headed to broad creek. Fished along shore just inside cove. 35 ft. water. 56* temp of water. Caught a few crappies off and on all the while. One or two nice ones and Dad got an 11" cat. Was windy. Fish were hitting kind of funny. Couldn't hook them. Headed in. Wind coming from dam made for a wet ride. Drove thru Susky park on the way home. Overrun with cars and wouldbe fisherman. Lapidum Landing was packed with cars. Didn't see any great amount of fish caught. Nice temps today, not too hot, not too cold.

Total catch: 10 craps, 1 cat

Lapidum Landing

Dad. Fished to left of lot. Few small yellows. Saw most fish caught along parking lot bulkhead near center part.

Total catch: few small yellows

Not so many people this day.

Lapidum Landing

Dad. Fished bulkhead. Few small whites. Saw one guy catch quite a few.


Rick alone. Fished in front of old favorite duck blind. High tide to start but going out all the while. Southerly wind. 10-20 all the while. Combination of wind and tide made rough water and also hard to fish bobbers. They tended to drift into the wind. Got good sunburn on arms today. Caught two yellows. Had a few more hits. Crabs are in. 2 minnows chewed up. Water temp 68*.

Total catch: 2 small yellows

Broad Creek

Rick and Dad. Early start. Had best luck all the way out near mouth along north shoreline just before first cove. Most fish caught deep on shad darts and minnows. Sunny and hot. Water back up to normal level. Water temp 62*.

Total catch: 15 crappies and 1 small cat
(Ski didn't have any minnows)



Dundee Creek

Rick and dad. Late start after 8 am mass. Fished various places near old favorite duck blind. Good tide but going out. Wind coming in from mouth made handling bobbers difficult. Caught two or three yellows of keeper size and a few small ones. Some eels and a cat.

Total catch: 2 yellows, 4 eels, 1 cat, 1 crab
Water temp: a hair above 68*

PS. - Found that I was able to back trailer with tailgate on wagon down. Must be careful not to jackknife.




Rick alone. 5:30 pm to dark. Threatening thunderstorm all the while but only light sprinkles. Wind 10-20 from E. Water temp 78*. Warm to touch. That's the jump we've been waiting for!! Left in a hurry and forgot anchors. Wind was blowing me right into shore so had to tie to blind.

Fished as illustrated above. Bobbers and minnows. Minnows were too large. (the ones I trapped at Bear Creek yesterday). Had plenty of action. Hardly a dull moment. Wind and waves made it hard to see bites and large minnows made it hard to hook fish. But did manage to catch 5 yellows (small) and one white (small) and 2 eels. Saw fish breakig water. Crabs chewed tail off two minnows. Dundee is ready.

Total catch: 5 yellows, 1 white, 2 eels.

Dundee Creek

Rick and dad. Late start after 9 am mass. Partly cloudy and light breeze. Water temp back down to 68*. Darn it!! Fished various places near blind. Got about a dozen small perch, 1 cat, and 1/2 doz eels. Fair tide, going out.

Total catch: 1 doz small yellow, 1 cat, 1/2 doz eels



Dundee Creek

Rick alone. 5:30 pm start. Saw Mr. Joe today. No wind. Fair tide going out. Fished near blind and far shore of first cove to left and also far shore of cove past mouth of Saltpeter. Minnows and bobbers and also casting dart/minnows (got two craps at 1st cove on left this way.) In at dark. Water temp back to 68*.

Total catch: 1/2 doz yellows, 2 craps, 3 eels.

Loch Raven

Rick and dad and George. Fished #2 bridge. Casting. Darts and crappie meat. Caught between 100-150 crappies. Sunny and warm. Not windy but wind shifted directions often. Fair size to fish but no monsters.

Total catch: 100-150 crappies (6am to noon, to right of piling on left)


Loch Raven

Rick alone. Out 7 in Noon. To right of piling on left. Fish were pesky and not biting right. Cloudy most of the time. Water temps at 50 ft(bottom) 54*, 40 ft. 50*, surface 74*. Tied up with 12 ft hook and boat hook. Works ok with water high like it is. Dumped fish. Fenton in same place and also moved around behind me. Said they only got small ones.

Total catch: 25 crappies


Magothy River

Dad and Stan. Rented boat. Fished shoreline from Cypress creek up to past Mago Vista and got lots of good whites and yellows. Best luck with peelers but used old snouts and worms and minnows to catch a few. They also got cats and bluegills and eels and crabs. Used splitshot above hook. Anchored. Said soft crabs would be good bait.

Total catch: approx 50 whites and yellows mixed, cats, eels, and bluegills and crabs

Magothy River

Rick and Dad. Launch early at Ferry Pt. Marina. Fished various places up to Mago Vista. Caught most fish on point just out of Mill Creek marked on on sketch. Fished close to shore. Almost could cast to shore. Used soft crabs on hook with splitshot up line. (Got crabs at Bayside, night before) $2.75 doz. Fast action. Cast and retrieve slowly. Lots of good fish. Tide high and going out. Saw Father Callahan and his houseboat at marina when we came in to use the restroom at about 10 am. Said he had got stuck down here because winds last night made finishing trip from Annapolis impossible. Gave him one of our soft crabs. Used cooler chest for fish. Home 1 pm.

Total catch: 100 whites and yellows mixed. Majority whites.


Magothy River

Rick and Dad. Same place (A) also all the way up to cove past Mago Vista. Most luck at (A). 1 doz soft crabs used. Not so fast fishing today. Lost a lot of baits to weeds. Home at noon.

Total Catch: 60 whites and yellows mixed. Majority whites. 3 cats. a few bluegills.

Yesterday got buzzed by a guy in a boat at the mouth of Mill Creek (real nut!) and also saw a girl in a whaler zoom out of Ferry Point launch.

June 3, 1970
Trolling Below Bay Bridge

Rick and Dad and Vernon and Walt(firefighter). Left from Deep Creek on Magothy at 5 am. Trolled from bridge to Thomas Point light and all around using big spoons and also banjo-eye with pork rind. Had no hits. Caught no fish. 6 lines including 2 dummy lines. Sunny and hot and windy. Quite rough coming back. Outgoing tide and wind from south made slow headway.

Total catch: nothing

June 6, 1970
Severn River

Rick and Dad. Fished various places around river. Used clams. Had a few thunderstorm threats and got a little wet. All the way down past RR bridge. Rough from wakes of boats coming back upriver. 11:30-3 pm.

Total catch: one white, one bluegill

June 7, 1970
Loch Raven

Rick alone. 11:30 - 3 pm. Under #2 bridge. Windy NW. Sunny. Normal water level.

Total catch: approx. 40 craps

June 10, 1970

Lee and Dad and George. Trailered boat.

Total catch: 2 bass and a few perch. George caught bass with a piece of stringer in mouth- see picture.


June 13, 1970
Unicorn Lake

Rick and Barry. Very early start. Almost lost car drifting down ramp. Casting rapalas for bass and small artificial bugs for bluegills. Barry caught 5 bass and I got a pike. We also got some nice bluegills off of spawning beds. You could see circular light spots in shallow water real close to shore. Casting in with fly rod most effective. Hot. Sunny.

Total Catch: 5 bass, 1 pike, 2 doz. bluegill


June 14, 1970
Dundee Creek

Rick alone. Nice and sunny. Boat ride out around bouy and also up in Gunpowder to check out tower. ( Is on point but can see base.) Stopped near government pier. Caught 3 small yellows on a treble Martin spinner.

Total catch: 3 small yellow perch

June 19, 1970
Dundee Creek

Terminated at work and left early. Rick and Barry. Fished in lee of shore on first cove to right. I caught 1 bass and Barry got a few bluegills on flyrod. Got bass on a black and yellow popper on ultralight rod. Good fight.

Total catch: 1 bass (approx. 2 lbs.) and a few small gills and a white perch

Bynum Run Pond

From Dundee went to a part of Deer Creek but too muddy. Then went to Bynum Run Pond. Got some catfish here. Man on pier had a whole stringer of nice ones.

Total Catch: 4 catfish
PS. Had a flat in trailer tire

June 20, 1970
Unicorn Lake and Loch Raven

Went to Unicorn but too muddy. Hit dog on Rt. 213 near sassafras. Fished about 20 minutes. Got nothing. Pulled boat out and headed back home. Took motor off. Got bridge hook and headed for Loch Raven. Got there about 10 am. 33 crappies under bridge. Got a few gills and Barry got 2 carp on flyrod in cove (where we got turtle the first time we ever fished Loch Raven.)

Total Catch: 33 crappies, 3 gills, 2 carp (carp were hitting cicadas)

June 10, 1970 -- Inducted into Military Service (drafted!!)

September 7, 1970
Bay Shore

Home from Ft. Dix on pass. Fished from 7:30 am - noon. Rented boat from Hartman's. Water clear. Tide coming in. At about 10 am started getting bites. Missed a lot of bites. Got fish by letting bait sit. Didn't have any luck casting or drifting. Used clams. Sunny. Cool.

Total catch: 2 undersize rock, 1 8" bluefish, 2 small whites, one tiny catfish

September 27, 1970

Home from Ft. Dix on pass. Fished for about an hour out near government pier. Used new pack rod and guick reel that I got from Mom and Dad for a birthday present. Caught one yellow and 1 white perch on Reflex spinner. Just missed bad storm.

Total catch: 1 yellow and 1 white.

September 30, 1970
Ft. Dix Ponds

Pay Day off. Fished a couple different ponds. Caught a little bass on Maginty Jigadoo. Had quite a few follows. Saw a real nice pond on range road but didn't catch any fish there.

Total catch: one 5" bass

October 3, 1970

Extremely high tide. Was even higher yesterday. Puddles all the way up to end of lane. (Dad fished Magothy yesterday and said tide was real high there.) Noon to 3:30 pm. Fished by government pier for a while and didn't get anything. Then went to old favorite duck blind. Anchored close to it and fished near weed bed. Caught about 1/2 dozen small yellows and 1 gar - 12". Took boat ride out towards government pier just before going in. Strong wind coming right in creek. Lots of fun.

Total Catch: 5 yellows (small) and one 12" gar

October 2, 1970
Magothy River

Dad and Stan. 1 big rock. 3 lbs. or better. couple blues.

October 9, 1970
Magothy River
Dad and Stan. 2 small rock and 2 blues

October 11, 1970
Unknown location

Home on pass from Ft. Dix. Dad and I caught: 1 rock, 2 white perch, 1 yellow perch
Threw a lot of little ones back.

Wye River

Dad and Stan. 100 keeper yellows. Threw back lots of small ones. (Dad wrote me a letter describing this trip. If I can track it down I'll add it here.)

Wye River
Dad and Stan. 100 keeper yellows. 1 3 lb. rock.(Dad wrote me a letter describing this trip. If I can track it down I'll add it here.)

Dad wrote me this letter describing this trip:

December 2, 1970
Dear Rick,

Thought you might like a fishing report from the old timer. Well last week went fishing and got about 100 perch between 3 of us. It was Wally, his father, and me, we threw back quite a few. Wally missed a nice rock but his father got one about 2#. Pardon me while I take a bite of cheese and eat a few olives and sip my Lake Country Red Wine. Ah, delicious. I don't care much for 3 fishing in a boat but I can honestly say I enjoyed myself and it wasn't a bit crowded. The boats at Grasonville are  like Polack Frank's where we use to go, but big and wide.

Stan bought a new LTD 4 door green car with vinyl roof, air conditioning and a 400 CID engine which give 265 hp. I still like mine better. Yesterday Stan and I went to the Wye River, weather was mild, very little wind, but the fish were very uncooperative. We must have moved 50 times. The fish were small to medium. Most of which we caught around sand bars. The water was awful clear, and Stan was very noisy approaching the spots. Usually motoring over the spot where the fishing would be done after heaving out the anchor. A polock is a polock and everyone of them have a block head. I still think -- the clear water, the noise and sight of the boat and anchor scared the fish off before we started fishing. We wound up with 40 fish, not a bad day, but it could have been better. I hope that this isn't a sign that the fishing is slowing down. Today is December 2nd and you should be home in about 16 days. I am looking forward to some good fishing if the weather don't get too bad. It has been pretty mild so far.

Some nut put a duck blind in the cove we fish on the Seneca. We could probably fish the Magothy for pike and perch if it don't get too cold. The boat tires are getting flat spots on the bottom because I haven't used it. I wonder how the Severn River is. I haven't been there since you left. I would like to go to Airey near Cambridge, you know the small creek where we got the big crappies. I don't know what time of year we went there but it might be worth a try. There could be pike in there too.

Then there's always the G&E bulkhead. A report a couple of weeks ago said "fisherman are taking nice catches of pike and yellow perch there", but you  and I know better. Write and tell me what kind of fishing plans you have and if I should make any preparations.


Magothy River

Home on leave. Rick, Barry and Barry's father. Started about 1 pm. Very cold. fished minnows with bobbers and without. Also use shad darts and minnows. Forgot anchor. Did some drift fishing along shore between marina and Mago Vista. Fished up in Mill Creek first. Als fished Coolspring Cove just before leaving. Barry missed a big one, otherwise we didn't catch anything at all. It's great to be home again. Looking forward to a lot more fishing before Jan 20th (The day I leave for Vietnam) Met guys at marina when we came back in. Had half a cooler chest of whites and yellows. Said they got them in Blackhole Creek.


Rick and Barry. Stopped at Joppatown. Fished from bulkhead a while. I didn't catch anything. There were about 10 other fisherman scattered around but didn't see anybody catch anything. The weather was cold, wet and miserable.

Next stop was Conowingo at the launching ramp. We we pulled up there were two guys already fishing and one was pulling in a fish. It was still pouring rain. Barry made a cast from inside the car and caught our first crappie. We caught 5 more before we quit. It was too cold and wet to continue. Those other guys were still catching fish when we left. Looks like a good bet for tomorrow.

Total catch: 6 crappies