Vietnam Photo Album - Rick Holt - 1971

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China Beach, 1971

Danang air base, 1971

Danang City, 1971

Huey, at Long Thanh North AAF

View along the berm at Long Thanh North AAF, 1971

Marble Mountain Army Airfield along the coast near DaNang, 1971

Fighter plane damaged by enemy fire, 1971

Monkey Mountain, along the coast of Vietnam, 1971

Patch of the 2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment

Quang Tri airfield, 1971

Rick Holt, radio relay operator, in flight on U-21. Vietnam, 1971

U-21, radio relay aircraft, Danang, Vietnam, 1971

U-21, Danang, Vietnam, 1971

Long Thanh North, April 1971, wash tub on trailer where the mamma-san washed our clothes

Long Thanh North, April 1971, Tom Kelm writing a letter. That's my bunk in the corner and my fatigues hanging on my locker.

Long Thanh North, April 1971, Arthur Paulson in our hootch playing guitar. I believe that's Ed Seacord looking on.

Da Nang, Feb 1971, Coca Cola sign on the roadside

Da Nang, 1971, Mars station at 37th Signal

Da Nang, Feb 1971, taken on the road from China Beach on the back of an Air Force pickup truck on which we hitched a ride.

Da Nang, March 1971, fueling up for a trip to Red Beach

Long Thanh North, view from the door of my hootch, Avionics shop is on far right