Vietnam Photo Album - Rick Holt - 1971

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Long Thanh North, Satellite 038 ready for flight north to Da Nang

Avionic shop in hanger at Long Thanh North 1971

Australian Bomber and U21 in background, Da Nang, 1971

Long Thanh North, Nick's Shop, 1971

Aerial of Tuy Hoa airfield, Vietnam, 1971

Rick Holt, not exactly in uniform, while TDY to 37th Signal Battalion, Da Nang, 1971

Rick Holt on the flight line, Long Thanh North Army Airfield, 1971

Rick Holt in U21 operating radio relay equipment

Rick Holt in U21 operating radio relay equipment

Rick Holt in the pilots seat of a U21. Note the captains bars. Don't tell anyone but he was only a SP4

Our original hootch when we first stayed at 37th Signal Battalion in Da Nang

Rick Holt at China Beach, SP4 Yesh in background

U21 revetments and 3/4 ton truck

Rick Holt in Satellite 061 the day we put the floor mike switch in, 1971

Our hootch in Da Nang at 37th Signal Battalion in March 1971 where we moved after the rocket attack that blew up the mess hall

My corner of the hootch

My corner of the hootch

Mom made this banner which said "Blessed are the Peacemakers

Momma-son at our hootch in Da Nang March 1971

Vietnamese shop on roadside on the way to Red Beach

SP4 Seacord zonked out on his bunk after a hard night at the Playboy Lounge, Long Thanh

My corner of the hootch at Long Thanh May 1971

The other side of the room where Duff and Kelm slept, Long Thanh North, May 1971

Rick Holt, dark shot portrait

Smoke from burning POL dump hit by rocket in Da Nang