Vietnam Photo Album - Rick Holt - 1971

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Vietnam, China Beach, 1971

Vietnam, China Beach, April 1971

Fishing Village not too far from Danang on the way to China Beach, 1971

Rick Holt at China Beach, Vietnam, 1971

Rick Holt at China Beach, Vietnam, 1971

View from the air field at Danang, February 1971

View from the airfield at Danang, February 1971

Inside 37th Signal Battalion compound, Danang, Vietnam February 1971

Momason shining shoes, Danang, Vietnam, 1971

Momason shining shoes, February 1971

Rick Holt, adjusting radios in preparation for mission, February 1971

Rick Holt in hooch on his bunk in Danang, February 1971

SP4 Kelm with pet dog, Danang, Vietnam 1971

SP4 Seacord, Danang, Vietnam, 1971

Taken from the back door of my hootch in 37th Signal Battalion Compound, Danang, Vietnam 1971

February 1971, Inside 37th Signal Battalion Compound

Rick in the captains seat, no I wasn't an officer, just found the hat sitting there and put it on.

Our home away from home in Danang when we were TDY there in February 1971, a canvas quanset hut.

Rick Holt, in U-21 at radio console

U-21 with mountain in background, Danang, Vietnam, 1971

Rick Holt, before a flight out Longthanh North AAF, March 1971.

Rick Holt, not exactly in uniform, March 1971, Vietnam