Vietnam Photo Album - Rick Holt - 1971

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Long Thanh North

December 1971

Straight ahead is snack bar to right is swimming pool

Qui Nhon 1971

Jet at Da Nang Airbase 1971

C-130 overhead Da Nang 1971

U-21 and Australian bomber at Da Nang 1971

Aerial of countryside, Vietnam, 1971

Jet, Da Nang, 1971

Road in Da Nang, 1971

Island off the coast of Tuy Hoa, 1971

Our hootches at Long Thanh North, mine was the one just to the right of the trailer in the foreground

U21 pilot in flight, Vietnam, 1971

Rice Paddy near Da Nang 1971

Armored personnel carrier, 1971

Cement revetments at Long Thanh North which I helped to build, 1971

Coastline near Tuy Hoa off the tip of a U21 in flight

Buildings damaged by 122mm rocket, 37th Signal Battalion, Vietnam, March 1971

EM Club (Playboy Lounge) at Long Thanh North, 1971

Pilots of a U21 in flight, Vietnam, 1971


Countryside between Long Thanh and Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, 1971

Aerial Vietnam unknown location 1971

Damage to mess hall and other buildings by 122mm rocket attack March 4, 1971, 37th Signal Battalion compound, Da Nang

Damage to mess hall and other buildings by 122mm rocket attack on March 4, 1971, 37th Signal Battalion, Da Nang

Aerial shot of countryside Vietnam unknown location, 1971